Neuromotion Physiotherapy is a physiotherapy clinic that is uniquely positioned to treat people with neurological impairments.

Brian: Social Butterfly


Brian is not someone to sit on his hands and not get involved. It’s this quality that led him to the work he does now, volunteering 5 days a week at the Rainbow Kitchen, a non-profit organization that provides over 36,000 lunches a year for the marginalized populations in the community. 

He first moved to Victoria from Cambell River two years ago, and he was broke. He started off going to the Rainbow Kitchen himself, and not being the type of person to not help out, he started volunteering. Being an amateur writer for over 30 years, he was recruited to start writing advertisements and helping with volunteer recruitment. They now have over 200 volunteers that help out around the kitchen. 

He enjoys being a part of the community. “I have 150 friends that I hang out with 5 days a week for lunch…I know everyone by name.”  Someone who possesses the skills of communication, Brian is notoriously easy to get along with. It is because of this skill that Brian decided to enroll in a 9-month Camosun program on Mental Health & Addiction.  After this program, he hopes to start working in street outreach programs, using his easy-to-talk-to attitude to give back to the community.