Neuromotion Physiotherapy is a physiotherapy clinic that is uniquely positioned to treat people with neurological impairments.

Lauris: Yoga warrior


If you were to meet Lauris, you’d know that she is not one to run away in the face of challenges. In fact, she is currently in the midst of a 40 day yoga challenge; participate in at least 40 yoga classes for 40 days straight.

A year after coming to Neuromotion in October 2013, Lauris began practicing yoga as part of her rehabilitation. Ever since, she has found tremendous benefits in her strength, balance, and her overall emotional well being. Her participation in yoga has inspired many in her community - she has been a motivational speaker and is highlighted at her yoga studio for her perseverance!

As a previous rehabilitation assistant, she knows the preservation and dedication needed to get to where she wanted to be. Incorporating the gym as part of her daily regime, Lauris can confidently declare that she “can now do a few more poses and [her] physical strength has almost returned!”

Whenever she proudly walks into our clinic, Lauris projects an aura of positivity and commitment. It’s without her commitment to rehab activity outside of our clinic that she will never be looking back, unless it’s part of a yoga pose!

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