Neuromotion Physiotherapy is a physiotherapy clinic that is uniquely positioned to treat people with neurological impairments.

November is Caregiver Month!


Throughout our lives we will experience being taken care of by someone; our parents, a nurse, or a caregiver for example. Caregivers are individuals that provide us with a service for which we cannot do ourselves. They are a valuable support system that sometimes go unnoticed but undoubtedly a beneficial necessity. In our clinics caregivers help with getting ready for a therapy session, transportation to and from our clinics, and providing added encouragement during their treatment, just to name a few! According to the Vancouver Coastal Health, approximately 85% of Vancouverites will at some point have the role as an unpaid caregiver. Sometimes this position can be taxing on caregivers. The Caregivers’ Bill of Rights is a document found in our clinics that encourages the work caregivers do for us. It entitles the caregiver to express their emotions and feel empowered while working.


November is National caregiver month and we are extending our gratitude towards all the caregivers that we see at our clinic! Thank you for always coming in with your bright smiles and positivity!!


Vancouver Coastal Health - Caregiver Support Program (