Lauris came to Neuromotion in October 2013, after being discharged from one of Vancouver's hospitals. She had collapsed while working, without losing consciousness or having any dizziness. After being admitted to hospital, worked up with various brain scans and blood tests, she was given a diagnosis of a minor cerebellar lesion resulting in ataxia (incoordination), and a recommendation to go see a physiotherapist for coordination and balance exercises.

Luckily, Lauris followed the recommendation and came to Neuromotion Physiotherapy. Right off the bat, something looked off about Lauris' walking. Little clues in the way she described her symptoms and how she moved didn't line up with her hospital diagnosis - Lauris had something more serious going on than minor ataxia. Urgent letters were faxed to her treating doctors, requesting more tests and images of the neck to be performed.

The following week, we received a call to cancel all of Lauris' upcoming appointments. The hospital had scanned her neck and found that her spine was pressing on the spinal cord itself, resulting in the arm and leg symptoms that she was experiencing. She was going to need surgery.

Lauris came back to to Neuromotion in February 2014. By the time she had her surgery in December, she was no longer able to walk and could barely lift her arms. After rehabilitation at GF Strong, Lauris came to the clinic using a walker and still had significant difficulty lifting her left arm to shoulder-height. She has been coming to clinic weekly for physiotherapy, where we focus on activating the muscles of the left arm, and increasing Lauris' confidence and endurance in her balance and walking.

Today, Lauris is able to walk 2 kilometres without her walker, and has nearly full range of motion of her arms. She still has many gains to be made, but we're proud of Lauris for all the progress she has made so far!